Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Little Sunshine...

This weekend was supposed to be full-on baby preparation.  Meaning, get the crap out of the nursery and organize or else TRASH (I would donate it... don't hate) everything!!  How in the world did we accumulate so much anyways?  Prior to our big move, we donated many items for the sake of not having to haul our junk across the eastern coastline.  Somehow it seems like we have more stuff!  I miss our basement.  At least we could hide our mess.  This is forcing me to become a minimalist. Something I aspire to be, but my parents could potentially be on Hoarders!  Just kidding, Mom.  Well, maybe.  

I decided that the best way to spend this Saturday was to organize the nursery in my head rather than  physically removing our crap from the nursery only to stuff it in some closet somewhere in which would more than likely be moved 15 more times in efforts to "organize."  Sorry for the massive run-on.  

I'm a visual learner.  Just looking at a mess gives me anxiety.  Where to even begin!?  Do you feel me?  For me organizing my ideas on paper, or in this case by creating a mood board, helps me know what steps to take.  Starting with the end in mind really is motivating!  Here's the direction I plan to take: 

Click on the image above for a better view.


Window Treatments - Santa Maria Desert Flower by Waverly
Vintage Lucite Lamps - Thrift store find
Vintage cocktail table - Philly curb alert
Vintage Faux Bamboo chest (not this exact one) - Atlanta Craigslist find
Lambskin rug - Atlanta Craigslist find
"Bee Happy" print - Spread the Love (Etsy store now closed)
Smile pillow - Pillow Talk
Crib skirt - Doodle Stripe Lime / Pure Organic Bright Pink by P. Kaufmann


  1. I just found your blog today because I was looking for a red & blue persian rug (your Doylestown steal came up). Then I saw this post, and thought "hey, I have that shirt!" and then I thought "I'm not pregnant..." Anyway, congratulations!! I am a mom of a boy and a girl. Anyhoo, just joined so I can follow along. :)

  2. Carrie, so nice of you to follow! Your comment made me smile. I look forward to reading your blog as well. :) P.S. The Persian Rug is currently for sale on Craigslist!!



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