Sunday, March 17, 2013

Phila Flea Feature... Butcher Shop Rehab

Phila Flea Markets vendor list has boomed since PBS airing Market Warriors.  This weekend I was excited to meet Butcher Shop Rehab!  

These guys were so cool!
Photo: The Tiny Abode

L (on the right) and I could have talked about design and furniture all day, but we refrained.  Afterall, he and his buds had customers crowding in their corridors.  This was by far my favorite vendor at the Phila Flea Market this weekend.  What drew me in was the vintage modern chair in the top right.  I didn't get a chance to check out the brand, but it looks very Eames like to me. When I asked, "How much?"  I was informed that it was not for sell.  Butcher Shop Rehab picked this piece up from another vendor to add to their personal collection.  At that moment, I knew These guys got style!  (at least similar taste to me).  The next item I spotted was the shag rug made of Llama fur.  Here you can see how B.S.R. used it as a chair throw. 

Styling this is a very simple concept and works really well with Eames reproductions such as this White Cradle Chair designed by Baxton Studio Letterio available on Amazon.

Here's how interior designer Jenn Hannotte from Hannotte Interiors softened up a rocker in a nursery by using a sheep skin throw.  

Eclectic Kids by Toronto Interior Designer Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors  

So there you have it!  Flea Market design is an easy way to style-up any room.  Be sure to check out Butcher Shop Rehab in Wilmington if you are in the area. 

 Photo: Butcher Shop Rehab

They also travel, so keep your eyes out at the next market in your town.  Follow Butcher Shop Rehab on Facebook and be sure to check out their blog!

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