Friday, March 16, 2012

64 Perry Street, New York, New York...

My real estate high is not over.  Did you know that Carrie Bradshaw's New York apartment is up for grabs!?!  I have to say it is quite the showcase!  Much, much different than what was actually filmed as the interior of Sex and the City.

Take a look at those herringbone floors!

You know I have been told that my celebrity look alike is Kristin Davis or better known for her role as Charlotte York.  In that case, I think I'll just pack my bags and make myself at home!

What was actually filmed was the exterior of the home which is located in West Village.  Although, we all know that Carrie lived in the Upper East Side.

Regardless of location, this house is stunning!  The price tag matches the glam at $9.65 million.  You can check out more details here. And just for fun, here's a quiz to see "Which SATC Character is Your Style Twin?"  
Here are my results...

Big surprise.

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