Monday, October 3, 2011

Recap: Vintage Now

Why hello, lovely people!  I hope you have enjoyed your weekend and are ready for a kick butt Monday!  This is for all you homebodies who did not venture out Friday night to partake in Vintage Now's Open House.  Yes, I know it was in Norristown, and yes, I know it was raining.  However, you must check out the scene!!  
Trust meeee... you're missing out if you don't! 

It really felt like an "underground" party with only the people "in the know" attending.  Honestly, I felt a little out of place rubbing elbows with what I imagine to be established designers.  

Thankfully I had this gal by my side.  My artsy friend, Robin Frey.  Check out her eBay site... she's got mad talent!  And she has a love for vintage items... How awesome is this bird cage!?

My favorite vignettes: 

I loooove this settee and the gold chest.

And isn't this quilted table cloth amazing!?

This is definitely my go to design choice at the moment.  I don't really know why, but I love it!  It makes me happy!!

If I could get past the door with know one noticing, this rug would be mine!! 

Of course they had the latest of the greatest design books.

They were even sure to add a festive touch.

And look, Mom!  I hope you still have these lamps!

So what do you think?  Buying out of big box stores is so easy, but I feel that it lacks character.  Could you make vintage look good?  Or is your heart still set on Ikea? 

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  1. I almost came out Friday night but then got too cozy. It does look great though. I like a mix of old and new, so I could go for a few of these pieces for sure.



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