Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hillcrest Fine Linens

Where in the world can I find Hillcrest Fine Linens?  I can tell you one place for sure, Home Goods!  However, I am trying to find products online, and I am having no such luck.  

I first spotted the bedding above on Monday while on a trip to Home Goods (my faaavorite store).  All wrapped up in the pretty packaging, everything looked great!  The green matched my draperies.  The damask pattern also carried over to my drapes.  However, now looking at this duvet set in it's full glory... I'm not so sure.  I am not loving the black and white contrast, and I would actually prefer something a little more calming.  

I find the green and beige Damask comforter to be much more serene.  What do you think?  Also, I have had a duvet for way too long.  I really can't stand them.  They slip and slide and never stay in place.  For a while it was a nightly routine for the hubs and I to shake the cover into place.  We finally said to heck with it and tossed the duvet.  Plus they are sooo overpriced.  
What are your thoughts?  Do you have a preference when it comes to duvets versus comforters?  Do you think the green damask set is worth the splurge?  I may be making a second trip to Home Goods to see what else they have in stock.  Let the bedding search continue!

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  1. Love Homegoods - in fact, I have a Homegoods circuit that I do. Probably sounds crazy but they are all different. I'm with you on the duvet thing - I'm over it. We recently replaced ours for a Dwell coverlet from Target and are so much happier with it. Good luck with your hunt!



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