Tuesday, June 14, 2011

06.14.11... un, deux, trois!

Broken down vehicle, public transportation, and FOUR IEP meetings all in one day.   Needless to say, I had to get creative.

Pastries and wine to the rescue!  

 Today is my three year anniversary being married to this guy! 

The one with the curly hair.  I mean, the tall one.  I love how Jason is more ecstatic to hold the baby than the baby is to being held!  That's my husband for ya.  This is the night at the Markiem where this sweet little boy Jackson took a liking to my hubster.  Can you blame him?   I think I would rank this "Top Ten Happy Jason Moments".  Thus all the baby happiness, Jason and I were inspired to memorize every episode of The Cosby Show and have lots and lots of babies!  We'd be the perfect parents!  Crash Course!

So in tribute to the baby fever night and our three year anniversary, may I direct your attention too....

Note: NO Baby making in progress!  Yield your comments mothers, sisters, and all you other "You must have a baby, now!" insisting friends.




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