Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Jives Mobiles and Murals

Are you pregnant?  Cause all my friends are, which has put me in the mood for spring inspired baby rooms!  Jason and I get a little baby fever ourselves sometimes... although he'd never admit it.  I love when I happen upon Philadelphia based artisans.  In this case I was even more thrilled to discover  that the artisan is in my neighborhood.  East Falls is where it's at!!  (Not really, but we can pretend.... just for the sake of this post). 

Photo: OhDeeDoh

Jajhe and Joe Ives are the brains behind Baby Jives, a mural and artworks duo team who make incredible baby mobiles and modern murals.  The murals are great, but I am particularly impressed with the hand-crafted felt mobiles. 

Head on over to Baby Jives' Etsy Shop to view more of these hand-crafted beauties or visit their website here.


  1. Oh! So adorable. No babies yet, but I'll have to keep these mobiles in mind for the future...

  2. Thanks so much for sharing our mobiles and murals -- that one is actually our first, done for our son who started this whole thing! Now the mobiles have morphed into an entire line and the murals are scattered throughout Philadelphia. The best part of this is I get to stay home with my son and be an artist - living the dream (in east falls!)

  3. Ashley, you and me both!!

    Jahje, it was my pleasure! I would love to see more of your work that you've done. Feel free to email me anytime. I absolutely love it all!

  4. Right now you can see a few on my website but I have some newer pics of one on my blog . I will definitely email you of future works! Thanks again!



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