Monday, February 7, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Although I did not spend much, this weekend was well spent.  I thought I'd share with you the pieces that captured my eye.  I wouldn't normally give a piece like this a second glance, but after reading Naomi's post at Design Manifest this piece I knew deserved a little more attention.

And ohhh if I only decorated with red... this lamp is HOT!  A nice drum shade would suit this lamp well.  It was priced at $30, but I'm sure the dealer would have gone down. Very tempting, but it did not come home with me.

Some things, although beautiful, were over priced.  
This bird cage was around $200 plus (if my memory serves me correctly). 

Same goes for these nesting tables.  Same vendor too.
Flea markets are about deals, and these objects hung around till the end of the day for a reason...

However, most vendors had the price right, and some things didn't last as I was making my rounds. This ottoman would be really nice if reupholstered, but it too was gone by round two. 

This lady rocked and so did this armoire!  The black chairs aren't too shabby either. 
Armoire: Sold @ $130

Saving the BEST eye candy for last.  These Hollywood Regency chairs were singing to me!  $250 (you read correctly) for the pair.  A designer named Kate on the Main Line bought them.  Go figure.  Kate?! Where are you??  I WANT your chairs!!!  I took a picture of them anyway.  Thou shall not covet.

I absolutely LOVE them!!  I found a little more information on them here.  Apparently, these lovelies are Italian Gold Leafed Metal Chairs with a Bamboo Motif from the 1950s.  

This is EXACTLY what I had in mind when I decided to go flea marketing.
No worries, another flea market awaits me.  March 5th, you cannot get here soon enough!

What Came Home...

 Five blue tinted Mason jars at $2/jar... even for the larger ones.

 And a Tiffany & Company saucer!!
This was a freebie!!!  Vendors can be pretty generous if you aren't afraid to strike up some conversation.  Be nice to vendors, and they may be nice to you!

My very first piece to my plate wall project!  It was a good day.

If you are interested in more upcoming flea markets in Philadelphia, you can check out the schedule here.


  1. awesome finds! And yes that live-edge table is calling my name. Thanks for the shout out :)

    Sadly I missed the flea market because I had a client presentation. Let me know about the next one you hear about!

  2. I love your jars and your plate! A very pretty one to start your plate wall :) I love reading your blog. It's so fun!



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