Saturday, November 27, 2010

Simplicity and Community... Home is Wherever You Are

This video pretty much sums up the feelings I have about this Thanksgiving.  I'd really like to adopt this way of thinking throughout my daily living while in Philadelphia... where Jason and I have no biological family. 

Not forgetting those at home, however our family this year, and I hope years to come, are the people that we go to school with, work with and fellowship with.  The people that give us rides when our car breaks down.  The people that call us when we've missed two days of work/school.  The people that play bocce ball with us barefoot in the winter.  The people that we dine with.  The people that live with.  The people that we celebrate with.  This is my family.  I'd like to treat them as so. 

~I hope you've found yours~

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