Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shutterfly Explanation

Ok, so some of you may have been thinking, "What's the deal with her promoting all these companies?"  Well, my friends, there are incentives.  First things first... you must be a blogger to benefit from the Shutterfly deal I'm about to tell you about.  As mentioned in the previous blog, Shutterfly is one of the best photo sites I've come across that has a tremendous amount of benefits for their loyal customers.  No credit card included... no gimmick.  It really is easy to reap the benefits, I promise.  

All I did was sign-up to receive Shutterfly's email, and promos just come my way... like magic.  This particular promo consisted of creating a blog basically to brag about Shutterfly (and rightly so), and afterwards inform Shutterfly of your blog.  Well my friends, doing that granted me 50 FREE holiday cards of my choice to send out this Christmas.  The only catch is the selection.  I had to choose a 5 x 7 flat or folded stationary.  All I'm paying for is shipping which is around $8.00... not too bad seeing that most boxes at our favorite stores... ehmm Target... cost around $5.00 if not more a box.  I can't post the one I chose because then it wouldn't be a surprise to all of the lucky ones to receive it!  However, now you know my secret.  Whoever said, "Secrets don't make friends?"  

Here's a sneak peak of one of the pictures included in this year's Christmas card. 

 I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with family and friends.  Eat lots of Turkey!!  And don't miss me too much!  Jason and I will be celebrating in Philadelphia.  If you are still looking for an awesome dish to bring to a Thanksgiving dinner, you may want to try the Turkey N' Dressing recipe I posted a few weeks back.

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!!!

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