Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's for Dinner?

Meal Planning. This is my task, and so far this is what I've came up with...

* Smothered Pepperjack Chicken (Sounds like I'm off to a good start, but wait...)
* Spaghetti (boring)
* Poppy Seed Chicken
* Chicken Casserole
* Chili
* Tacos
* Seafood (fish, crabs, etc.)
* Pizza (for those nights that no one wants to cook)
* Vegetable Soup
* ....................And now I'm drawing a blank........

From the looks of it, Jason and I will be eating a lot of chicken and most likely will be morbidly obese by the end of the week. Maybe it would help if I threw in a salad. Meal planning "experts" say it's best to plan for at least two weeks. I'm still five meals shy! I need help people!


  1. Jess,

    You should try www.e-mealz.com. It costs like $1 each week but you can get a few months and stop your enrollment and just reuse your meal ideas. I LOVE IT! I don't have to think so hard about meals and they're easy to make and DELICIOUS!!! You can pick whatever store you want (I do the 2 people, any store) and what type of diet you want. I hope this helps you out!


  2. Cool, THANKS! I'll have to try it.



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