Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On the Hunt for FURNITURE!!!

The red futon has about had it, and the free IKEA chair could go on the curb for all I care. Now I know most of you who are reading this have told me in the past that you do not know how to comment, but I am in desperate need of your opinion. I have had the chance to look at this piece in person, and I think that I might just be in love. 
 Before giving me your input keep in mind that it's made of microfiber (very easy to clean). I know the "oyster" as they call it, color may throw up a caution sign to some of you. Especially those of you who have or have had children. This is not the L-shape sectional that I have been looking for...nor the "butternut" color, but I'm thinking it may just be worth the buy.

1 comment:

  1. first things first. we love and miss you.
    the only advice i can give would be about the pillow backs. are they attached? if not they can be a pain to keep straight and orderly. just a thought. i like the style and look of the sectional.



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